Our story

Our story

Sweet childhood

Zosia and Marta have been friends since primary school. They used to meet during the holidays at their uncle’s house in the village.

One of the best times they had was when they took their uncle’s face cream, and make a game out of it, which involved them pulling apart uncle’s cosmetics and finding out what was inside. They have always been interested in cosmetics. They would see people like their mothers, uncles, and almost every one using skin care cosmetics and they wanted to know why!

Learning and the first dream job

After they graduated in 2003, they worked in one of the oldest Polish cosmetics companies. Marta started working as a technologist, then as manager of cosmetics production, and finally as a consultant to serve knowledge used to solve various technological problems. Zofia started work with Marta a few months later. So it happened that the childhood games turned into to professional work.

While working with the previous company and undergoing intensive training Marta and Zofia had the opportunity to learn a lot of technologist’s secrets. The company was small and they had a lot of different tasks which taught them many things about the production process. Starting with the search and acquisition of raw materials, packaging, carrying out the necessary research, and finally to the sales of the finished products.


They have worked with great technologists with over 30 years of experience in the industry including Krystyna who is still working with us today.

They had always wanted to run their own business, but they were working for a stable company which provided them with good salary. They always dreamed about creating their own cosmetics brand, but were too afraid to take the next step.

First herbal recipe

At that time Marta’s niece had an acne problem which inspired Marta to create a face cream for oily skin with pimples (spots). The cosmetics contained 70% fresh infusion of herbs and it was successful. The cream was excellent, and perfectly solved the acne problem. Today you can buy this cream as one of our unique products, which is called Bye bye Pimple.

Strength lies in diversity

We have very different characteristics, and many times we have different
points of view on ways of solving problems. Marta is usually the
“fire”, and Zosia the “water” and thus complementing our
ability into realizing new projects. During the four years of business, there
has been fear, doubt and even wanting to leave, but then the world would give a
signal that what we do makes sense, or a customer would give us positive
feedback which would thank us for our products and it would give us wings and motivate us to carry on.

Marta i Zosia

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