B2B cooperation offer

B2B cooperation offer

We provide services for our cosmetic industry in the following areas:

  • production

Our production meets all necessary standards of cosmetic production – we are in the process of implementing the GMP system (good manufacturing practice), we have equipment to produce cosmetic emulsions such as creams, milks, lotions, shampoos etc.

  • packing

We also have precision equipment for the preparation of creams, emulsions and liquids.

  • development of cosmetic recipes

We serve our knowledge and experience in developing and improving cosmetic recipes according to the needs of our Clients. We work with an experienced cosmetology research lab.

  • advice

We insure the preparation of cosmetic documentation and in preparation for inspection, among others. If problems arise from inspection by the State Trade Inspection or the Provincial Sanitary and Epidemiological Station we promptly solve the issue making sure it never arises again.

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