washing liquid

Our liquid face wash does not contain any chemical compounds, instead we use herbs. Our formula even remove waterproof makeup.

At the beginning, our product was suppose to be a micellar fluid. However, to create micelles we would have needed chemical compounds. We were looking for the most gentle and the most delicate chemical compounds, but in general those did not work.
Interestingly enough, one fine summer day we recorded a video on our blog at www.ziolowelaboratorium.com about soapstone. We were testing it for a completely different product but a working farmer came to us with interest as to why we were looking for in the river. We showed him the suds soapstone, and he said with a slight irony: “What is so interesting about it? My father and grandfather always cleaned their hands with it after working the fields.” And so suddenly a revelation appeared! We started to analyze the soap suds composition – and it turned out to be a source of saponins (washing compounds found in herbs). We also sought other plant treasures rich in saponins, we combined them in a synergistic way, and that’s how our master facial wash was created.