Skin with wrinkles

Skin with wrinkles

It will be apparent that the wrinkle formation process includes not only the epidermis characterized by roughness to the touch.

Symptoms of aging arise at the surface as deeper lying layers. Major changes occur in the dermis. They consist in the degradation of collagen fibers and elastic. There is then a regression of adipose tissue, which leads to the formation of wrinkles.
Oxidized Intercellular substance lipids (fatty acids, lipids and ceramides) and the process for preparing natural moisturizing factor NMF is disturbed as a result of dryness and peeling. As a result of the light radiation, the dead outer layer of the epidermis becomes thick and inconsistent.

The aging process includes skin becoming dry, saggy, rough, covered with wrinkles, among with others factors like discoloration, discoloration, hyperkeratosis.

It stimulates renewal of age skin

Herbal guide (Fruit of the Rowan)

For who?
For individuals with dry, tired looking skin, and wrinkles

How does it works?
It’s sources activate substances that protect and strengthen blood vessels, nourishes, and increases flexibility and elasticity of skin.

The substances also slow down the aging process by protecting the skin against UV rays.

What it contain?
Vitamins and minerals (especially high content of vitamin C, K, P and A), flavonoids

Add 1 tablespoons fruit of the rowan, pour a glass of boiling water and cook. Apply to the skin and rinse off.

Our grandmothers drank fruit of the rowan tea in the winter, in order to provide themselves with vitamins and minerals.

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