Regenerating Treatment <br>Day Cream
Regenerating Treatment Day Cream

Regenerating Treatment
Day Cream


Based on the infusion of chamomile and linden flower

It soothes all skin irritations.


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Product description

The cream has been specially developed for sensitive skin suffering from adverse factors, both external and internal. Regular use of the cream:

  • prevents irritation and redness
  • restores the balance of the defense system by moisturizing and strengthening the skin
  • strengthens the antioxidant action to protect the skin from damage caused by UV rays and the sun
  • reduces the appearance of aging skin, which may arise as a result of hormonal changes
  • provides the skin with deep hydration and eliminates tightness

How to use

It is recommended to apply the cream on a clean face overnight. A small amount of cream should be spread over the skin and then gently pat with fingertips.


The unique and rich cream formula contains high quality ingredients composition of:

Fresh infusion of chamomile – famous of soothing and regenerating. – Component: alpha-bisabolol, also contains a range of flavonoids and phytosterols; regenerates and stimulates renewal process of the skin.

Fresh infusion of linden flower – thanks to the richness of flavonoids (isoquercetin), tannins, salts, vitamins and supplements, the actions of chamomile tea saponins while still being careful to dry and tired looking skin.

Cumin oil – natural source for linoleic acid (58%) belonging to the family of omega-6 fatty acid, oleic acid (24%) belonging to the family of omega-9 oleic fatty acid and 15 amino acids including the 8 essential (exogenous) and other active substances such as vitamins and minerals. This keeps the skin in a good shape and prevent it from the premature aging.

Shea Butter – slows the aging process of skin, stimulating cell metabolism. It improves the self-healing and tissue reconstruction, thus eliminating metabolic waste. It moisturizes and tones the skin. It contains fatty acids (oleic, stearic, palmitic and linoleic) almost identical with fatty acids in the stratum corneum.

Optimal complex vitamins (A+E+F+C) – stimulates the natural processes occurring in the skin, improving elasticity of skin, effectively counteracts the aging gene.

The cream contains UVA / UVB filters to protect against harmful external factors.

The cream has been tested by people with sensitive aging skin under the direction of a dermatologist.

The product does not contain any allergens or artificial. The color and smell of the cream come from the fresh, natural herbal infusions.

History of the uprising

The love for cosmetics was instilled by Marta’s grandmother. The curiosity of grandmas uses of creams and cosmetics brought the idea of cosmetics DLA to reality . With our grandmothers and our mothers in mind we created a regenerative cure for skin. All ladies older in age spoke of a strong need for moisture to their skin. We came up with a concept that very well promotes hydration of skin because humidification from outside sources alone is not efficient to gain moister back into the skin. If that was the case a simple bath would hydrate our skin but we know the effect is often the opposite. After such a long bath, the skin is often peeling, has a tightening feeling, and is dry. That is why we turn water into fresh chamomile and lime infusions because these herbs are the most moisturizing. Mature skin also lacks natural oils that combat dryness which is why we also use some of the best dermatological proven oils. Although the cream formula is greasy, the skin will feel and look matte. Today, our regenerative treatment is used by people with dry and very dry skin and they are seeing positive results.

We had a very interesting story with our regenerative cure – a few months after the products appeared on the Płock market. An aesthetic medicine doctors asked us to meet with us to discuss our products. Obviously full of fear and doubt because doctors are very educated about skin and critical: to our surprise the Doctor wanted to congratulate us on the regenerative cure! The Doctor was even recommending our product to his patients because it is one of the better products he has encountered on the market in several decades of practice.

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dry / very dry skin

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