Chilled Herbal Nourishment
Chilled Herbal Nourishment

Chilled Herbal Nourishment


95% natural ingredients

50g capacity
bottle – glass

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For hair loss

For women and men of all hair types, scalps prone to excessive hair loss, weak, thin, and thinning hair

– Stimulates hair growth

– Strengthens hair

– Reduces hair loss

– Activates hair growth

– Increases the thickness of hair

– Moisturizes the scalp and hair

– Gives softness and shine

– Stimulates local circulation

– Nourishes

This hair nourishment is a combination of two “master plants”. One prepares the condition for the other.

First, Chilli stimulates circulation locally, causes hyperemia, thus making it easier for nutrients contained in fenugreek to reach the hair roots.

How to use

Apply the layer on the scalp in row like sections, gently pat with your fingers, do not rub into the skin.

After 30 minutes, wash off with shampoo. There may be a noticeable tingling sensation, it is a completely natural feeling. Apply at least once a week.

Be careful not to get into the eyes. If it gets into your eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of running cold water.

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