Bye, Bye Pimples, night cream
Bye, Bye Pimples, night cream

Bye, Bye Pimples, night cream


based on the fresh infusion of willow and yarrow

It removes the unnecessary, and provides what is necessary for your skin


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Product description

Recommend for oily, acne prone, and combination skin, Every night while asleep, the cream:

  • regulates the exfoliation process,
  • suppress bacteria
  • unclogs pores;
  • intensely moisturizes and soothes the skin

Perfectly removes blackheads, prevents new breakouts, helps fight acne marks, and leaves skin feeling fresh and matted

How to use

The cream is recommended to apply on a clean face overnight. A small amount of cream should be spread over the skin and then gently pat with fingertips.


And all this due to the fact that it contains following components combined in a synergistic way:

Fresh infusion of willow – natural source of salicylates which regulates the exfoliation process and facilitates the dynamic penetration of active ingredients that are responsible for maintaining an adequate level of skin hydration.

Fresh infusion of yarrow – natural source of azulene, choline, mainly mineral zinc – is an anti-inflammatory, heals and whitens the skin.

AHA – regulates the process of keratinization, clears the mouth of the hair follicle, which in turn reduces the risk of blackheads, acne marks assisted bleaching.

Jojoba oil – light, leaves no greasy film on the skin, does not clog pores. It strengthens the structure of the intercellular cement, which in turn prevents the skin from being dry.

Borage oil – natural source of gamma – linolenic acid, the lack of which causes the skin disorder keratosis process. It does not clog pores.

D-panthenol, allantoin – reduce inflammation, accelerate healing of irritated skin.

This cream has no parabens or artificial coloring. The characteristic color of the cream is derived from a natural infusion of herbs.

History of the uprising

This is the series from which everything started. Once upon a time … One of Marty’s nieces had problems with acne. She went to many cosmetologists, doctors, and other professionals. She used a variety of cosmetics and medicines. Martha was using healing herbal therapy, which saved her throat. She decided to then try the herbal power on her niece’s skin. After many conversations with dermatologists, after a literature review, after analyzing shop shelves with cosmetics she came to the conclusion that she must first detox the sebaceous glands and moisturize the complexion. Thus a composition of decoction from the bark of willow and yarrow was formed. This process also replaced the water which, in other creams and cosmetics is up to 70%. The niece served as a guinea pig and we waited impatiently for the results. After a few weeks, the happy girl replies and says, “Martha, I see, I have less stuff on my face. My skin became calmer and smoother. Can you do more for my friends? “And that was the nicest thing that could happen to me. Today the product is on the shelf and is a sales hit both among teens and people around 30 years old.

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Skin type

oily / acne skin

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