Dry skin/very dry

Dry skin/very dry

Dry skin has a layer of very thin, dehydrated and degreased skin due to insufficient amount of NMF (natural moisturizing agent) and lipids binding within the skins water molecules. Dry and very dry skin is usually pink (due to the translucent blood that is circulating in the blood vessels through the thin epidermis). Due to the insufficient protection afforded by its thin stratum corneum, it is extremely easy to irritate it. It is sensitive to frost, sun, wind, violent temperature changes. After washing with water and soap we have an unpleasant feeling of “pulling”a skin tightening feeling. Often over-peeling and bursting and after applying makeup we have the effect of tiny white dry spots. Your skins youth is beautiful velvet, with age, however, the skin begins to create more and more trouble.

(Herbal guide) Linden flower

For who?
Individuals with tired looking skin and wrinkles

How it works?
Sap derived from willows, protects the skin against external factors and limits the escape of water from the deeper layers of the skin

What it contains?
Willow sap, flavonoids, phenolic acids, tannins, salts, vitamins and saponins

How to prepare?
1 tablespoon linden flower to 1 cup of boiling water. After 10 minutes of cooking, apply to skin and rinse off.

Our grandmothers drank tea with willow sap to combat colds.

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