Capilary skin

Capilary skin

Capillarie skin is characterized by permanently broken capillaries. Commonly known as . “Spider veins” occur on the face, cheeks and nose wings.

Proper blood vessels expand and contract depending on changing conditions. For example, while exercising your body temperature rises which results in expanding of the vessels. But, when the body temperature is low, the capillaries shrink to preserve the heat of the vessel. When this natural mechanism is disturbed due to various reasons, capillaries begin to expand, and shrink very reluctantly or not at all.

Very often the next step in the deepening of this process is disturbed formation of palpable changes maculopapular pustular.

Herbal soothing for the extremely sensitive skin.

Taking into account someone who has a very delicate complexion, lots of skin care is required. We have created a product that includes factors(ingredients) that provide a soothing sensation to skin affected by spider veins and rosacea.

Ingredients include: infusion of walnut, comfrey, cinquefoil goose, fenugreek.

Herbal guide (Walnut leaf)

For who?
For individuals with sensitive skin and visible capillaries and rosacea

How does it works?
It strengthens the walls of blood vessels and soothes irritated skin.

What it contain?
Vitamin C, P, K, quercicin and kemferol, phenolic acids. Juglon, lawson; they are phytoncides, it’s alternatives to antibiotics and sulfonamides, antifungal, protozoanic and antibacterial

How to make a decoction?
One tablespoon of walnut leaf pour a glass of boiling water and boiled. Strain and then wash your face.

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